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Valentines Hugs and Kate Spade Kisses Cake, Wink Wink

apollina baker

Happy Valentines Week!  I remember, back when I was dating, this being such a fun and exciting week... the days leading up to a big, romantic date!  Hours of online shopping for the right dress, planning how I would wear my hair/makeup and last minute trips to the mall to find the perfect earrings.  Now that I 'm married and a toddler's Momma (and currently laid up in bed with a thrown-out back b/c I went out dancing this weekend and pushed it a little too hard), Valentine's day isn't something I think about and look forward to.  It's more like, hey baby, isn't today Valentines Day?  Wanna order pizza?  V-day is a great excuse to bake though, so, I made a little cake lady who reminds me of an adorable wink clutch from Kate Spade's Spring 2015 line.  

cake winks.jpg

How sweet is this clutch?  Love it.  The cake is pretty easy too.  Just make whatever the heck kind of cake you want (3 layers) and cut out some fondant eyes and lips.  I blew up the image, printed it out, traced it on transparent paper, cut out the pieces with an x-acto knife and then cut around those "stencils" on the fondant.  Easy as pie, ;) ;)  My cake was vanilla with strawberry buttercream.  She was cute and delicious.  I thought I'd dress her up with some PicMonkey accessories for the holiday...

Amara, my little Valentine, sure enjoyed her!

And the next day too...