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So Incredibly Happy.

apollina baker

Almost 11 months ago, I met this little girl named Amara Dielle. 


The more I get to know her, the more I fall in love.  I almost can't take the tickles in my chest when she throws her little body into me and wraps her arms around my neck.   Lately she's been giving me open mouthed "bah" (besos) and I am completely addicted to them.  The genuine surprise on her little face every time she sees me peeking from around the corner totally thrills me!  And the girly shriek that only Daddy can evoke cracks us up every time.


She likes to swing high and she likes to swing fast.  She almost hyperventilates with laughter and excitement when you spin her around, hang her upside down or chase her as she climbs up anything she can reach the top of.  Brad is hopeful at this point that she will be a race car driver, professional surfer or olympic snowboarder.


Her mind is always working and so are her rose petal soft hands.  There is a lot to figure out in this world!  Her Momma is still trying to get a handle on it so it's wild to watch Amara explore without hesitation or intimidation.


She digs her some Green Machine and some Baby Einstein Lullaby.  That little lamb's bedtime story gets her every time - "Doh! Doh! Doh!", she says.

travelling girl.jpg

Momma's little traveling mate.  She rarely complains, she is down for the adventure and hangs tough with me through all the schedule changes and different beds.  She always appreciates coming home though, especially when Daddy's arms are there to welcome her.


After we say "Good Morning!" to the day as we open up all the blinds, we go into her play room and rediscover all her books and toys.  It's always fun for me to see what she goes for first thing in the morning.  She loves her balls and blocks and lately she has been attacking her stuffed animals with her bahs!


She does not appreciate untoward advances.  And she will let you know it. 


We had Spanish story time on Saturday and she was totally engaged.  Amara is a huge fan of live music so it's a good thing we moved to Austin!  Our neatly organized bookshelf is just an open invitation to wreak havoc.  It is only kept neat while she's sleeping.


Momma has been letting her drink from a big glass since she was a baby so she "drinks" from anything resembling a cup. 


"All right Momma, I'll sit here for a minute.  But then I'm going to climb up on this chair and reach for that shelf above my head.  You watch."  Yes, she is chewing (she now has two teeth!) on a baby Tylenol syringe, she loves that thing.

Being this girl's Mom is the greatest joy of my life.  I thank God each night in our prayers for the opportunity to raise her and watch her grow.  I think of how close I came to not being here for her life and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for God's mercy, grace and love.  

Each day gets better and better, we are so incredibly blessed!