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A few of my favorite things...

apollina baker


My Dana Rebecca "Lauren Joy" necklace in rose gold and diamonds.  This was my push present from Brad after Amara was born, I haven't taken it off since.  It is the perfect dainty, sparkly, feminine, wear everyday and for every occasion necklace.  It is actually quite strong too, Amara often tugs on it and I thought for sure it was a gonner a few times - my child is freakishly strong and, sometimes, disconcertingly aggressive.  But it has survived!  

The best leggings on earth.   I own two pair so one is always clean.  Around Christmas, I found these divinely inspired leggings at TJ Maxx in Vancouver, WA.  After wearing them everyday for the rest of that trip, I went online to find out where I could get more.   I even thought about buying my sisters and each of my friends a pair.  "Every girl I know needs to have these in her life!", I thought.  So, I know Spring is upon us and you're not thinking of buying cozy leggings right now but these things are fantastic.  I've pretty much alternated between wearing identical pairs since Christmas.  

Wrinkle Revenge Restore and Protect eye balm.  Ever since getting pregnant, I have thinner skin under my eyes, dark circles and puffy lids.  It makes me look so tired and worn out.  No matter how much water I drink, I haven't been able to look hydrated or rested.  This cream really has made a difference.  It is approved for use on the upper eye, which is great for me.  How to properly apply eye cream:  with your ring finger, apply a dot of product under the eye on the socket line and another dot above the eye in the eyebrow.  Gently blend in a C motion all around the outside of your eye; it all gets absorbed.  It has only been about a month but I'm really loving the results so far.  What would really make a difference is if Amara would start sleeping in!