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What's been happening on my Instagram feed lately...

I'm totally stoked about Amara's "Macaron" birthday dress!  It's from Rock Your Baby - a totally cute shop.  I only wish I had glittery gold and pink shoes to match hers:)  Her bright pink and gold soft shoes are really comfortable and look kind of perfect on her little baby feet.  She wears gift bags as purses instinctively which makes my chest tickle inside.  I made a cake that didn't turn out quite how I wanted.  We love to sip Starbucks (or chew on the tiny cup Momma's poundcake sample came in) and go outdoor shopping.  Every Saturday morning, we go to the children's museum, meet new peers and play around.  On those days, Amara can wake up at 6 and stay awake and happy until we get home for a nap around 11:30am (and she sleeps so long!) - the Thinkery is a miraculous place.  A picture of my long hair last weekend.  Now it has been maimed.  I cannot bring myself to even take a photo of it.  On the first day of Spring, we played with Amara's new pom pom tutu and dressed her bunny in one to match:)  When I ordered that skirt from Zulily, I didn't even realize it came with a matching mini - a pleasant surprise!  You can get the skirts from Dollie & Me (they are so cute).  I'm trying to expose Amara to Spanish as much as possible and relearning it myself in the process.  We watch YouTube videos on my laptop and she is (often) fully engaged.  One last picture of my gone but not forgotten hair.  Why is it often so difficult for hair professionals to accurately execute a client's wishes?  Even when given 7 photos showing the same color and cut in 7 different ways?  And what part of, "I want to keep my length and I'm growing out my layers" made you decide to cut 4 inches off my length and give me an awkward "my bangs are growing out" type of layer?  I can't even talk about the awful color, made even worse the second day when they "fixed" it.

Okay.  I thought I had made peace with what happened to my hair but clearly that is not the case.  

Happy Monday;)