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Mommy/Baby Wish List

apollina baker


I am crazy about Sonnet James' playful dresses for playful Moms, such a great idea!  They are so cute and super Mom functional.  You can bend over to pick up your little one without worrying about your neckline and get down on the floor to play without being self-conscious.  I can see myself living in these dresses so I have my eye on a few of them.  For Amara, this coral colored wooden camera from Twig Creative is too stinkin' cute.  I know she isn't quite old enough for it yet but I'm excited for when she brings along her camera on our walks to snap some pics!


I've wanted this watch for almost 2 years now.  I'm going to ask for it for Mother's Day:)  Once Amara realizes what jewelry is and that you're supposed to keep it ON, I want her to have a pretty little gold bracelet like this one

bag and dolly.jpg

We have a black leather messenger style diaper bag and it has been okay but there are just too many darn slots, pockets and zippers!  I am always digging for things and it irritates me.  I want a simpler diaper bag with more open space.  I love the "Charlie" diaper bag because it just looks easier, bigger and certainly prettier.  It's on my must-have-very-soon list.  Oh my gosh, I just cannot wait to play dolls with Amara!  How precious are these handmade clothes and sweet little accessories for her special little dolly??  She doesn't have a doll yet but when the time is right, we are going to have a lot of fun!


There are so many things I love from Juju Bunny Shop, I forgo a personal item in favor of more for Amara.  This is my absolute favorite shop for little girl clothes!  If I could pick one store to have an all out shopping spree in, it would be this one for sure.  

I have sworn off the bikini since having Amara due to the wonderful aftereffects of pregnancy (stretch marks, "the black line" cesarean scar), which means I get to explore the fun world of one-pieces!  I am loving it.  They are so much more interesting than bikinis!  My favorite brands are Mikoh, Cia Maritima and Gottex.  It is kind of sad bidding adieu to my (massive) collection of bikinis.  Honestly, I was very sad and upset at first.  But I have made peace with my new tummy and I'm happy there are so many cool swimsuits that still make me feel sexy and even a bit more modest.  I am a Mommy after all!  And for my little one,  I'm a fan of the Love U Lots brand.  My girlfriend, and one of Amara's fairy godmothers, bought her this mermaid swimsuit and it so precious!  I'm kind of in love with mermaids.  She'll also have to have one of these awesome towels when she's a little bigger:)