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apollina baker


Are we really almost a month into the new year already?!  Well, that went by quickly.  Amara and I have been busy sleep training and we are going three weeks strong on 11-12 hour nights!  Hallelujah!  That is, however, until the family vacation we are currently on... We are having a rough time adjusting but (fingers crossed) tonight will be a good night.  I am sorry that Amara's sleep habits are basically all I talk about.  I never knew what a bid deal baby sleep and sleep training was pre-Amara.

Anyway!  I hope you all are having a great new year so far.  I am still failing on the kickboxing front but Brad and I are eating healthy and drinking cranberry juice mixed with ground flaxseed on the regular.  I love vacations (especially beach ones) but I almost can't wait to get back home so Amara and I can get back to that sleep we were enjoying so much and Brad and I can get back to feeling super healthy.  I'll suck it up.