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Early Christmas gift

apollina baker

As we were packing Monday night for our trip to Vancouver, Brad was silently struggling to resolve a crisis.  No room in the luggage to pack his wife's present... "Do I ship it out to Washington first thing in the morning?  Do I give it to her tonight?  But then she won't have anything to open Christmas morning...  And I didn't even wrap it... What if she doesn't like it...  I should have gotten her a pink one...  Or a gold one..."  He then brought his dilemma to me and I offered a solution.  "Give it to me now!"

Brad has been wanting to buy me a new laptop for, I don't know, four years now?  He has been upgrading me technologically ever since he met me (I had a RAZR back then and saw no need for a stupid iPhone) and my outdated Sony Vaio was the thorn in his technophile side.  We go hypothetical laptop shopping all the time but have never firmly decided on one for me.  So Brad pulled the trigger and got me the MacBook Air.  Woohoo!! I was nervous and intimidated by switching to Apple from Microsoft but so far it has been super easy.  I LOVE IT.  And, as you can tell, it has encouraged my blogging:)

Thank  you lover dear!  Now I am obsessed with looking for a case...