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Hello from Austin

apollina baker

I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday yesterday and that you all went to sleep with full tummies and happy hearts.  We spent Thanksgiving here in Austin - my very first grown up Thanksgiving at our own place.  It was strange  not being at my Mom's or at Brad's parents' house but it was pretty awesome having my sister in law and her husband and boys here spending the holiday with us.  They basically made all the food too so I didn't even have to cook the feast!  Brad's birthday was also yesterday which works out perfectly since his favorite dessert is pumpkin pie;)

We've been in Austin a little over a month now but I feel like we have only been here a couple of weeks.  We spent two weeks in Mexico where Brad raced his dirt bike in the Baja 1000.  He and his team finished the race in 30 hours and I am so proud of him!  He raced in and completed all three Baja races this year, the 250, the 500 and now the 1000 mile race.  He puts so much time and effort into these things and it was so cool for Amara and I to be there with him in Mexico this time to watch him start and finish the race.  I think he is pretty much the coolest dude ever.

We are settling into our new place but I feel like as soon as we get a little comfortable we are on the move again.  We leave next week for 10 days, come back for 4 days and then leave again for another 10 days for the Christmas holiday. Traveling this much really makes sleep training difficult.  Amara doesn't have much of a routine but I am blessed that she is a content baby during the day.  Nights, however, are another matter.  She is 7.5 months and doesn't care to sleep in her crib, she still wants to be held or sleep with me and nurse throughout the night.  I really can't blame her since I am the one constant in the midst of all this flux.  We are working on it.

I miss talking to you guys here on the blog.  I hope that my lack of posting doesn't come across as apathy for the blog because that's not at all the case.  I think that I've been trying to figure things out lately and have gotten in the habit of posting when things seem all together.  I am going to have to take this blog back to the early days when I used it as a way to untangle my thoughts and feelings and navigate through life.  My life has changed so very much since I first started blogging, the challenges, goals and the circumstances are all very different.  I have procrastinated posting because I didn't want to just cull out the interesting events and avoid writing about the substantive stuff.  Like, what it's like being a new Mom and a wife, not working anymore, moving to a new state with no friends or family...  Things have moved so fast and I haven't truly processed it all yet.  But I have always appreciated your support and encouragement and I miss the part of myself who takes the time to write out what's going on inside.  So, I am going to do that! It's a little trickier now with the schmoop (our affectionate name for the babe).  I meant this post to go live on Thanksgiving but have had to write it over the course of 2 days/4 sit-downs at the laptop.  I always thought I was great at time management.  And then I had a baby!  But I'll get the hang of it, it's important to me so I'll make it happen.

Aren't Amara's cheeks so squishy and chubbalubby right now??  Those pics are from the park today, it was such a beautiful day.  I really am loving the outdoor activities in Austin, the weather is seriously amazing - minus the freak floods and recent cold front.

Talk to you soon!