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We're Moving!

apollina baker

It has been a really long time since I have written but I promise I have a good excuse... We are moving to Texas... tomorrow!

About a month ago, I quit the firm to stay home with the little schmoop for a while and prepare for this crazy random move to Austin, TX. Brad and I have been wanting to spread out a little and it's financially more feasible to buy land and a bigger house down there in TX than up here in the DC metro area. Plus, I like the warmer climate down there; we're sitting the Northeast winter out this year! We took our inaugural trip out to Austin 2 weeks ago and found a house to rent for a little while until we get our bearings. Austin is known for its super hipness and Brad and I are totally down with that. It will certainly be an adjustment from the pace and people here and since I won't be working for a while, it will be a double shock to my system. But we are super pumped about this silly crazy adventure we are jumping, somewhat blindly, into.

There is so much to expound on but I gotta go because the movers will be here within the hour! The good news is that I will have nothing to distract me from blogging in TX besides unpacking all those boxes and that little chick sitting on top of them.

If any of you are in Austin contact me! I'm gonna need some friends there:)