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Happy Anniversary Baby

apollina baker

Well baby, it's been a year since we stood in that Mexican courtyard in front of our family and friends and promised our lives to each other forever.  We had no idea what the first year of marriage would bring... that by the end of it we would have our beautiful little girl.  It has been a remarkable year and we are forever changed.  Although we didn't plan to be pregnant for our first 9 months of marriage, I'm so grateful we were because I fell more deeply in love with you and we became so insanely close.  You are an incredible man.  The kind of man who reads my blog:)  The kind of man who has never once let on that any other girl, celebrity or otherwise, is even vaguely attractive (except for that JLH incident the first month of us dating;).  The kind of man who bought a certain girl her dream engagement ring more than a year before he gave it to her because he just knew.  You are everything I have always wanted and more than I thought I deserved.  I love you more than ever Schmoop, I can't wait to be your wife in like 60 years.