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Life lately

apollina baker

Lately, Amara, Brad and I have been enjoying our afternoon walks, our mid-morning talks and our evening bounces (we bounce on a big exercise ball to "rock" the baby to sleep:).  I have much respect for the bloggers who have a new baby and still blog every day or even every week, how do they do this?  I must be horrible at time management because each day is full of goals (not lofty ones) and each day they go unaccomplished.  My emails are usually composed on my phone b/c I only have to use one hand and normally they're written around 4am - Amara's early morning snack.  Eating is something I have to remember to do and showers fall below daily walks on the priority list.  The need for a shower is actually under constant reevaluation.  It really has been surprising to me how little I get done.  Upon realizing just how often my husband and I are sitting or bouncing with our arms full, we decided, and I can hardly believe this, we decided to get a T.V.  I haven't had a television since I lived with roommates in law school 6 years ago.  Brad hung it up last Sunday and now Amara's wonderful afternoon naps which can only take place in my arms are a lot more entertaining.  Not that staring at my beautiful sleeping baby is not entertainment enough.  Really though, having a T.V. is pretty nice, I totally understand why people own them;)