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She is here

apollina baker

Hello Amara Dielle Baker, welcome to this big beautiful world.

Daddy and I are completely in love with you.

My awesome, sweet, super helpful sister in law flew in to help when Amara was born.  She also happens to be a fantastic photographer so we have some great photos of our happy little baby.

Amara is actually 2 weeks old today.  She was born on April 15th.  We spent 8 of the first 12 days of her life in the hospital.  She is perfectly healthy and wonderful but Mommy had some complications.  I am doing much better now, grateful to be home.  Our little girl is more perfect than I thought possible, she is our angel.  She actually saved her Mommy's life, remind me to tell you that story...

Photos taken by my lovely sister in law Michelle, Michelle Goree Photography