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Clean, delicious water

apollina baker

When I found out we were pregnant in August, I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday later that month.  I had been aware of the deleterious effects of drinking fluoridated water for a while but now that I was responsible another life, I couldn't stand the thought of drinking fluoride.  So, for my birthday I got a reverse osmosis water filtration system and Brad installed it in about 15 minutes.  We live in an apartment and all you need is one of those water squirter things next to your faucet so you can take it out and replace it with the purified water tap.  And we've had clean water ever since!

Above is the tap water as compared to the RO filtered water.  So much more pure.  It tastes so different and it feels great knowing I am not allowing chemicals, carcinogens, lead, fluoride, etc. into my body for my developing baby.  I wish I had saved my Brita pitcher so I can show you that comparison too.  There is no huge difference between Brita and tap.  Although the pitcher filter tastes better than tap, there is still chlorine, lead, asbestos, fluoride and other toxins.  I think the Brita faucet filter may reduce more metals and chemicals but only a reverse osmosis filter can get rid of fluoride.

Fluoride is commonly misunderstood as a positive, healthful additive in our water.  Cities and towns throughout the U.S. (and the world) indiscriminately dump it into our water supply to medicate the population against cavities.  However, the official classification by the FDA is that fluoride is “an unapproved drug.”   It has never been subjected to randomized clinical trials for effectiveness or safety as required for other drugs.  And according to studies, fluoridated water doesn't have the effect on tooth decay that was originally thought.  Additionally, too much fluoride causes dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth.

It was the thirty-six human studies that link fluoride to lower IQ and adverse effects in children’s neurodevelopment that prompted me to get an RO filter when I found out I was pregnant.  Fluoride is not good for babies, inside the womb or out.  I mean, we are supposed to steer clear of lunch meat and soft cheese on the outside chance there may be listeria; I think I’ll also avoid drinking a known toxin not approved safe by the FDA as much as is in my power to do so.

There is also evidence that suggests links to hypothyroidismarthritisacute toxicity and more.  The first thing is just not to take for granted that drinking fluoride is safe and that it protects our teeth.  We don’t eat toothpaste or drink mouthwash to protect our teeth, why do we swallow fluoride with every glass of water when its primary benefit to teeth is topical contact not ingestion?  I still have to drink it in restaurants, bottled waters and pretty much everywhere else.  At least in my house I have a choice and the overall fluoride intake for me, Brad and baby is reduced.