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Our little nursery

apollina baker

We live in a two bedroom apartment and the second bedroom is Brad's office/guest bedroom, and now, /nursery. We didn't need a ton of space for the nursery since we are using a co-sleeper in our bedroom instead of a crib for the first 6 months. Hopefully by the time the little one outgrows it, we will be out of this apartment and into something a bit roomier. Our nursery is just a pretty place to change her diapers and house all her tiny clothes and miscellaneous items, from blankets to books to lotions.

I bought the wall mirrors from Pier One (they often have pretty great sales on wall decor), they are sparkly and shiny, although my pictures may not show it. I looked everywhere for the shelf/hanger combo so I could display some of her dresses while having extra storage but I couldn't find one - until I looked online at Walmart - $18 later, I was happy.


(don't worry, we're not naming her Brapollina, it's just the moniker our family has given me and Brad:)

I bought the adorable giraffe lamp and shade from World Market, as well as the capiz pendant light.

I stalked Craigslist until I found the Ikea Hemnes dresser (a popular nursery changing table because of the large and deep drawers and classic style). I switched out the top four knobs with these from Anthropologie, to make it a bit more feminine.

And that's it! On the other side of this wall are windows and the pull out couch and then to the left is Brad's desk alcove/work space. It works for us and I am sure baby will not mind sharing the space... Brad doesn't mind it either. I think he's kind of in love with the fact that his man space now includes pink and gold and that he has fuschia baby shoes sitting on his desk.

5 more weeks!