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Baby Shower!

apollina baker

Last weekend my sweet girlfriends threw me a beautiful baby shower and it was a blast!  Sara, Rosa, Behnaz, Kata, thank you so much for making me feel so loved and giving me such a pretty day.

the girls
the girls

It was wonderful to see so many of my lovely friends - Carla, Christelle, Sara, Missy, Irene and everyone who came out - thank you for celebrating with me!  And thank you husband for hanging out until all the gift opening awwwwes got underway.  Oh my goodness and I got some awesome presents!  Mom, thank you for my glider (Brad has claimed it as his) and Rosa, I will cherish the beautiful blanket you made for our little girl - you amaze me.

Thank you Sara for these gorgeous pictures, your photography skills make me jealous. Love you:)

And here's my big ole belly at 33 weeks.  The swelling arrived a couple weeks ago.  Flip flops are the preferable shoe choice (although the straps still leave deep indentations) and I went to Macy's yesterday to get a $15 wedding ring that fits my new sized fingers.  We just finished our birthing classes this past Sunday and are feeling more prepared than ever.  Only 6.5 weeks left... I am so excited!

And by the way, I have huge respect for pregnant bloggers who still post all the time, I don't know how they do it.  I am generally  just beat and when I get home from work the last thing I want to do it get on the computer.  I'm glad they do blog throughout their pregnancies though so I can read about how they are dealing with being pregnant, decorating their nurseries, etc.  I am such a taker.  I promise, I have kept little notes about all the prego posts I want to do - just haven't finished, or started, drafting them yet...

And another by the way, one of the websites I obsessively read until I finished all the posts was The Glow.  It's like a pregnant lady's guilty pleasure - that and a bowl of spicy spaghetti later followed by brownies dipped in hot chocolate.