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Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress

apollina baker

At the end of this year, Ron Paul is leaving Congress after 23 years in office. He has unabashedly served the cause of liberty for 36 years, never wavering in his integrity, honesty or record. It’s funny how we hold our Founders, the original American Patriots, in such high regard but when we have a real live one in front of us, we disregard him, mock him and easily dismiss the poignant truth of his message. Ron Paul could easily be imagined sitting around the table with George Washington and the drafters of the Constitution if born in another time. Can that be said of any other representative or president you can think of? Why do we value the qualities, character, convictions and efforts of those who founded our country, even to the point of idolizing them, but devalue and outrightly dismiss those same principles and values in our representatives and government today? I am afraid there will never be another true American Patriot who works as tirelessly for the cause of liberty in our modern generation; he was the last of them. All that is left now are politicians. Here is a link to what may be Ron Paul’s last speech before Congress, and the transcript is here. I won’t convince myself many will watch it because I know people just don’t care. You know, if I were ever asked one of those Vanity Fair type questions, “What trait do you find most deplorable in others?” I would say willful ignorance, but even more than that, willful self-deception. People have point-blank told me they would rather believe what they know to be lies than an undesirable truth. They choose to be “blissfully unaware” even when they are actually aware that it is false. I find it disgraceful. I am losing hope in people.

I know I am being self-indulgent right now and venting, these are the wonderful perks of having your own blog.