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Our Wedding Video

apollina baker

All right guys, I've been trying to hold off on sharing our wedding video until we got our pictures back but I can't wait any more!  Michael Reed did our video and he is like, seriously the best ever.  Michael is Erin's brother, Erin and Ben Chrisman were our photographers, it was a family affair.  They just fit right in with us and I honestly can't imagine our wedding without the three of them.  What you won't see in this video is the three of them partying right along with us, hot tub and all.  I miss them.  Anyway!  I want this video to kick off me going over all the wedding stuff on the blog, things I haven't shared yet but really want to... like how I burnt my jaw line bad with a curling iron the night before we left for Mexico and I kept telling Ben and Erin to get my good side and asking, "can you see my burn?" And how I thought wedding planning was going to be a breeze because I don't usually get stressed out but then found out how emotionally charged every decision was and how sensitive I become with regards to relationships; I was easily hurt.  And how I was a total wreck the day of the wedding - I didn't know who I was, I couldn't relax, I couldn't even formulate a proper sentence - until I saw Brad for the first time and then came back to myself. I was overcome with peace and joy and knew exactly who I was again and everything was right with the world.  Oh, and I can't wait to tell you about having the worst wedding planner on the planet (getting married in Mexico certainly has its challenges and surprises!).  So, here is our video (bigger version here), pictures will surely follow!

Apollina & Brad-Todos Santos, Mexico from Michael Reed on Vimeo.