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Outfits and Outtakes

apollina baker

So, when we were on honeymoon, I told Brad I wanted to take "outfit pics" to post on the blog.  I love looking at personal style blogs and after attempting to take my own pics/making Brad take pictures of me while I constantly ask him if he "got my shoes", I have a whole new respect for these personal style bloggers. It is not easy!  We didn't get any close ups of the clothes, jewelry or shoes & since I felt a little silly I wouldn't hold a pose long enough for Brad to take multiple pictures. So, it wound up being Brad taking pictures of me while we walked around (which was kind of fun:).  And so, we won't think of this as an outfit post so much as just pics of me on vacation - some taken with the intent of documenting my outfit.

In Positano...

(looking oh so natural) I love this H&M dress, I have it in black too.

I could live in my black maxi skirt.  I got it from H&M a while back and I'm hoping they get some more in this fall cause I want another one.  I also wore my Melinda Maria tiger drop earrings a bunch, they go with everything and I didn't want to pack a ton of jewelry.

This was after a day at la spiaggia nero, the black rock beach in Positano. We were walking down to the beach from the hotel and I just had my bathing suit on and a sarong tied around my waist. One of the police blew her whistle at me and touched her shoulders. I didn't realize you have to have a full cover-up on when your not on the beach! So, we ducked into the closest shop and I bought this white, light dress, which I would pretty much wear everywhere if it wasn't so sheer.

We had a few extra days in between Positano and Monaco to go exploring, randomly driving towards anywhere that looked interesting in Italy. And we wound up in...


What a crazy city Genova/Genoa is!  The first picture is at The Royal Palace of Genoa and the second is us hanging with the locals at some medieval ruins.  It's a port town with a very funky, urban, alternative type vibe.  Pretty cool place to spend the night. After we ate our weight in focaccia alla genovese, we moved on.

To Mondovi, which is actually right outside of Asti - the Italian city my sister was named after - I thought it was the most amazing thing that we wound up there - we had no clue where we were going.  In Mondovi, we ate what we've decided was the best meal of our whole honeymoon. It was hours of feasting, 13 courses, two bottles of wine, champagne, plus 3 rounds of grappa (made by distilling what's left over from making wine - skins, stems, etc.). I don't recommend more than one round of grappa.

The next day we drove through the mountains and down closer to the French border, spending the night in Rocchetta Nervina, where they make you wear swim caps in the pool:)

Then on to...

I love this palm print crop top, it's from Anthropologie. I wish they still had the skirt to match but they were sold out when I bought the top.

We took a trip to Nice one day to visit a vineyard. They didn't serve us enough wine if you ask me;)

I love these white and gold studded jeans from Zara. I actually had to go back and get a second pair because later on the above day I sat in coffee. The white top is from Zara too.

It's all over and I can't believe it. We are settling back into reality but still on a high from all the love and excitement of this summer. As you can probably tell, I am really bad at having posts queued up on the blog. But I am bursting with things to talk about and I think about you guys a lot.

Have a great weekend!