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The honeymoon's over

apollina baker

In the literal sense that is, we are still totally schmooped, rest assured. Even with the food poisoning we each came down with that kept us holed up in our hotel room for 3 days (not the sexy kind of "holed up in our hotel room" which is commonly expected on honeymoons), the trip was amazing. We are now both thoroughly spoiled on picture-perfect coastlines and majestic mountains. It's hard to take in visually when you are seeing these scenes in real time so describing it with words is impossible. Just WOW. It's good to be back though. Our home is in total disarray, my email inbox is ridiculous and I have zero clue what is going on in my personal world let alone the World at large. Lucky for me, I have nothing on the horizon to distract me from getting caught up on all those things... Time to settle in!

p.s. That pic is from Monaco, omg, Monaco is insane. More pics to come, including my attempt at an "outfit post" (embarrassing!).