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I'm back! And I'm the most complete (and tan) I've ever been...

apollina baker

I have missed you! I have been looking forward to getting back to blogging and talking to you about everything that’s happening. I jot down a list of topics I want to write about in my handy journal whenever I think of them and the list is getting loooong… Marriage, Fear, Not feeling like oneself, Pre-wedding debacles, Freaking out, The Wedding…!

The above picture was the gorgeous view from my bed every morning for 8 mornings (the ocean and mountains in the background were nice too;) The trip was amazing. The best part was being able to wake up every day and walk downstairs to see my sisters, new nephew, my mom, my dad drinking coffee and making breakfast with Brad’s parents and brother while his sisters feed Brad's nephews - all in the same huge kitchen. It was quite a thing.

The whole idea behind the wedding was to have a long vacation with our family and best friends. Brad is from Washington State and all of his family lives on the West side of the country. My family is all East Coast, with the exception of my Cali-loyal older sister, so, we wanted our families to come together not only to meet but to merge and unify. Cooking and eating all your meals together has a way of making that happen (and having our own palapa bar constantly providing alcohol helps too). So, our grand wedding scheme was devised with this goal in mind. This is why Brad decided to rent out this entire Hacienda in Mexico for 8 days…

Do you see why I love this man? We had the absolute time of our lives. There are so many pictures to show you! I've actually had the draft of this post saved since Sunday and have been wanting to post more pics and tell you so much about the trip and the wedding before I published it. But I keep getting swamped and sidetracked with work and other things that you have to catch up on when you step out of your normal life for a week+.

I just really missed blogging and talking to you guys. Ahhhh, so much more to share!