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Ahhh, chaos

apollina baker

Moving out of my apartment and into a new & bigger one did not work out exactly as I had planned. I am sans wardrobe and bookcases (for my shoes) because the ceilings are too low to fit them. Cue discombobulation, frustration and clutter. The new ceilings are not only too low but they're concrete so the window and light fixtures I had intended to hang now have no use. Brad insists we will get a concrete nail shooter thing and all will be fine... but that just seems like too much... And it stinks waiting around while all these things are just hanging out on the floor...

Yes Olivia, you look so glamorous sitting amidst your piles of belongings. The exact opposite of how I look and feel!

Add to that the fact that Brad and I are having some rather heated interactions (infer negative connotation) because of the flurry of recent activity, mounting pressures and upcoming trips. Speaking of upcoming trips... Brad is out the door tomorrow, heading for a week long Mexico trip to race in the Baja 500. Is riding 500 miles through the Mexican desert on a motorcycle a few weeks before your wedding the greatest idea in the world? It is if you ask Brad!

Miss you already honey. Can we get all the dimmers installed before you go? Promise the hallway won't betoo pink when you return;)

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