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Two honeymoons and zero surprises

apollina baker

A few months ago, I was trying to decide what to get Brad for his wedding gift, something besides my eternal devotion. What he loves more than anything are experiences, much more so than goods/commodities/possessions. Experiences equates to travel and it's important to him that he feels light and movable, so getting "things" (cutting edge techno-gadgets excluded) actually makes him feel geographically tied down and unable to get-up-and-go experience life at a moment's notice. That understanding of my groom-to-be, coupled with the fact that we are sans honeymoon since our wedding is an 8 day excursion in Mexico, gave me the brilliant (duh) idea of getting him (us) a surprise honeymoon as his gift. The location was pretty easy to figure... he's been wanting to go to the Amalfi Coast... the utterly romantic, enclaved Italian city on a hill with dreamy seascape views... Done and done.

I've been keeping it a secret for a couple months now - this is not an easy thing for me to do!  But I had this vision of Brad waiting in his Groom's suite on our wedding day and opening my letter with a picture of a balcony in Positano with two arrows pointing to two empty chairs labeled "you" and "me" and explaining that we are going to Italy at the end of July...! Isn't that romantic? I thought so. But now that moment cannot be. Why? Well, here is a loose transcript of Monday morning's conversation over coffee:

Brad: Honey, you know how we didn't have a honeymoon planned?

Me: Uh huh.

Brad: Well, now we do! We are going to Monaco!

Me: What? When?

Brad: At the end of July!

Me: When at the end of July?

Brad: Why?

Me: You know how we didn't have a honeymoon planned...?

The reaction was not quite what I had hoped. So, turns out, we'll be flying to Italy for 7 days, coming home for a day or so and then flying to the South of France for another week. This will definitely be an experience. I hope we both have jobs to come back to!  Oh well.... C'est la vie/E la vita!