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My Friday Night Bridal Shower

apollina baker

My little sister Ahdazsa (a.k.a. RC, Parse, Das) - who's not so little anymore - threw me a bridal shower on Friday night & it was such a blast. My older sister Aisha (a.k.a. Eesha, Peesha, Eesh) lives out in SoCal and couldn't make it but she sent over a box of goodies that she made, thanks Peesh!

Eesh is a behavioral psychologist who specializes in helping children with autism, she is amazing at it. It's heavy work so to chill she crafts all kinds of things and started an Etsy shop to house and sell her creations. It's pretty sweet to have such a talented and crafty sister, especially when we throw parties:) She made me a pretty ribbon to wear, sexy streamers and adorable diamond favor boxes filled with naughty things...

We face-timed for part of the shower so she made an appearance:)

I made a couple cakes, one was strawberry and the other was a double chocolate vegan cake...

The beautiful Rosa from Rosa Loves DC and the adorable Katalina from The YouFinder. Thank you for my sexy little gifts ladies:)

The always glamorous Sara from High Fashion 4 Less. I am in love with the beautiful Anthropologie corset set she gave me...

I'm so blessed that all my friends have incredible taste, I got amazing gifts... And a few risqué reads.

This is my beautiful friend Behnaz. I love her style, she is classic and vintage and conservative, all in the most lovely and unique way. I adore her gift. Wrapped inside a gorgeous box was a book called American Beauty which isa collection of 110 portraits of “women in her world”. I am excited to put this on the new coffee table I will be buying for our "marital home". Also inside were framed sketches of Christian Dior "intimates" and a vintage Christian Dior nightgown. Perfect:)

Then we went out on the town!

Thank you Parse, Christelle, Lily, Shawna, Caroline, Christine, Candace, Elizabeth, Jenny, Emily and everyone who celebrated this day with me! Wouldn't have been the same without you, I love you girls so much.

Next party: Wedding!!

Thank you Rosa and Sara for taking these beautiful pictures of the party! xoxo