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How Bazaar?!

apollina baker

So this ridiculously awesome thing happened. Harper's Bazaar Australia asked if I was interested in having my cakes featured in their brand new Bazaar Brides magazine!  Oh my goodness, amazing.  Of course, upon receiving the inquiry, I had to think it over for a few days and then I eventually, and nonchalantly, accepted their invitation. OR... I freaked out and elatedly told the news to the bartender and every stranger who happened to be around me - I was at a bar watching the Super Bowl at the time I got the email (and let me tell you, people watching the Super Bowl don't really get the big deal of cakes and magazines - they did not share my enthusiasm).  But that's what blogs are for - so I can freak out and share my enthusiasm with you!

Thank you so much Bazaar, and particularly Zara who is so sweet and lovely, for featuring me.  Just awesome.  I only wish I could pick up a copy myself... If anyone in Australia has an extra Bazaar Brides issue lying around... :)