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It's the freakin weekend

apollina baker

I've basically kept a daily tally this week on the blog, more to remind myself what day it is than anything else. Do you guys have some fun weekend plans? I'll be experimenting in my kitchen tomorrow, hoping to translate this picture I have in my head to a cake pedestal, we'll see how that turns out. Then I'll be spending Sunday with my Mom and rest of the family in Baltimore. I wish you all a wonderful next few days. Maybe do something random and unplanned. Maybe do something that requires more effort than you feel like giving. Maybe do something for someone else, gaining no material benefit other than personal joy...

How about a challenge? Try to go through the whole weekend without turning on the tv. For a lot of people this is not a problem but for others, it's unimaginable not to watch tv because without it, well, what would they do? Well, a lot! TV is the go-to mechanism for a lot of us to detach from our lives and "unplug". And for some reason, we think this is a good, healthy, relaxing thing to do. I don't know, I think purposefully turning off our conscious thinking and allowing all kinds of information and images to be deposited into our subconscious routinely and for long periods of time is generally not to our personal advantage. I don't have a tv because I know how highly addictive it is; I could easily waste a whole day watching show after show after show and then late into the night as well, not even wanting to go to sleep. It just doesn't make me feel good. That is not to say I don't watch shows on Hulu sometimes but I try and avoid that I can't miss it, gotta watch it, need to see it feeling, like a compulsion. What do you guys think?

Well, that was kind of a random, unplanned blog post:) Again, have an awesome weekend guys and I'll see you next week!

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