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Sharing my Outside Voice

apollina baker

Outside Voice is a beautiful blog curated by a woman named Pam who I'm so happy to have gotten to know through emails, comments and tweets. You know when you just naturally feel a kinship or familiarity with certain people right off the bat? That's how it is with Pam, I feel like I know her - and not just because I read 100 things about her. When she asked me a couple of weeks ago to contribute to her blog I didn’t have to think on it very long to give a reply, I was honored and more than happy to acquiesce. She runs a really cool series called Storied Collections, a place where people share a personal experience that explains their sentimental relationship with a “material possession”. As Pam said in one of her emails to me, “The style blogging world is not as shallow as some might believe -- it's the stories behind the pretty (or the ugly) and the heritage that I love.” She’s so right and she has already collected some pretty amazing stories. Thank you Pam for adding mine to your collection.

image via The Sartorialist