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Flowers for Sara's Birthday (Rose Cake)

apollina baker

Friday was my friend Sara's birthday and I thought I'd get her some roses.  Since she looks so pretty in neon (as you can see in this pic from Refinery29) I thought a bright orange and pink bouquet would be appropriate.


Sara doesn't eat dairy so, I endeavored to make my first cake sans butter and milk.  Armed with this recipe for the chocolate cake and a frosting made with non-dairy shortening, almond milk and powdered sugar, I baked a 5 layer cake covered in orange and pink roses (I used the same piping bag so that some of the roses would be a pretty mix of the two colors.

Ever since learning how to make frosting roses from I am Baker, I've found it to be the easiest way to make a cake look pretty... the color possibilities are endless and your design job doesn't have to be perfect - the roses are very forgiving.  It's also just a lot of fun to do, swirling and swirling...  Just get a 1M frosting tip, read I am Baker's tutorial and go bananas with your future cakes.

There's Miss High Fashion 4 Less herself with her roses and Kata from The YouFinder.  Incidentally, that cake almost bit it on the cab ride over.  Happy 30th Sara!