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Martha Stewart & the "Lucia" Cakes

apollina baker

I have some unbelievably exciting and crazy news!  I couple of weeks ago I received an email from the (wonderful) Senior Editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and the subject of the email included the words, "Guest Blogger".  I about flipped.  After nervously reading through the email (over and over) I freaked out and tried to contain my enthusiasm as I responded to her inquiry with a "Yes please" and a "I'm no professional, are you sure?" - just to make sure there hadn't been a mistake.  Well, the ensuing email exchange was amazing and delightful and charming and I'm thrilled to report that my first guest post for Martha Stewart Weddings' The Bride's Guide went up yesterday!  You can see it HERE!  I'm just over the moon about working with MSW on this fashion cake series.  The cakes will be inspired by wedding fashion which is so great because of the whimsical and creative weddings couples are having nowadays.  For the first post, I made a bride and groom's cake inspired by the amazing Stella McCartney - this time it was the "Lucia" design from her Fall 2011 collection.  Everyone from Kate Winslet to Gisele Bundchen was seen in these dresses and my cakes wanted to wear them too.

black runway.jpg
stella dots cake.jpg
white runway.jpg
white dots collage.jpg

The groom's cake is triple dark chocolate ganache with a delicious chocolate buttercream (found on the Bride's Guide post) covered in cocoa powder and chocolate dots.  The first tier of the bride's cake is vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream and the second tier is chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting, both with white chocolate dots all over.  It was an adventure making these cakes... I still can't believe they made their debut on Martha Stewart Weddings!  Now, what will I make for The Bride's Guide next month...?

Photographed by Sebastian Marin