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a bit messy...

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Well this has certainly been a week.  It's ending just in time too, I woke up with hives this morning - a sign I've come to learn means I need to chill out.  I always think I'm so tough but my histamines remind me I'm a bit sensitive.  Thank you so much for all the super sweet comments you left me about the Mint Cake, makes me so happy.  Oh my gosh, I have some seriously exciting stuff to share with you soon...  I'll be baking this weekend, or at least preparing to bake, and I'll be doing some of that aforementioned chilling.  I hope you all have a fantastic couple days, it is the first weekend of March you know... we've turned the corner now and left winter in that alleyway behind us!  It's all roses from here;)

I wanted to leave you with something fun to try this weekend.  Every girl has to have a dark rimmed, dramatic eye in her repertoire and it only comes with practice. Once you master this look, it is endlessly useful and convenient.  I often hide behind this eye on bad hair and skin days when I'm going out and would like to feel hot.  I think it looks best when the rest of you is slightly undone, rougher around the edges - a bit messy.   

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