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Happy Love Day

apollina baker

Wishing you all a LOVEly day today!   Enjoy every minute of today - just like we should every day. Valentine’s Day can sometimes set up the perfect conditions for disappointment… It’s not the day to expect someone else to show their love for you, think of it as a day just for you to express your love.  True love really is patient and forgiving, not based in emotion but on deliberate action.  I’ve noticed a huge change in my relationship since I stopped expecting him to make me feel loved all the time and realized its my job to make him feel loved.  That’s the only thing I have control over – my actions in making him feel safe and respected and loved.  I can’t control what he does to show how much he loves me (unless you count me making him feel loved, it always works out in my favor;)

image via Free People

Also, Happy Blogiversary Apollinas!  It's been a year since my first official post and I cannot tell you how happy I am I finally did it. I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time before I actually did, weighing the benefits v. time commitments.  My world opened up in a whole new way this past year, and I did too.  Thank you to everyone who has read my mind and heart and responded in kind.  Looking forward to the next year!