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Is it already/only Tuesday?

apollina baker

So much going on this week… Firstly, I want to thank all of you for the kind comments and emails you sent re the Valentino Cake, so wonderful and sweet! Secondly… list of happenings this week: 1) Crystal Couture is going on: 5 nights of trunk shows, runway shows, music, open bar, free snacks, free makeovers from makeup artists and hair stylists and chats with wardrobe stylists. (Update: see George's comment below) 2) Tonight is a Stop Modern Slavery meeting in Dupont; you can visit the SMS Meetup site to find out more info or to attend some great events. 3) Thursday night is going to be so much fun – it’s a co-ed blogging event in Georgetown hosted by the lovely Kata of TheYouFinder and CapFabb. Pictures will follow. 4) My sister is due to have her baby this Saturday! So, I am on call all week to get into my car at a moment’s notice and drive down to Kentucky. She is due on the same day that my gorgeous mother turns 60 years young! Can you believe it? My Mom will become a Glam-mom the day she turns 60. Of course, this all depends on this little boy’s punctuality. 5) It’s my 1 year blog anniversary on the 14th, Valentine’s Day:) I posted my first real posts that day. Will be getting nostalgic…

That’s enough as far as the list goes. Currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel (Brad's) and getting into micro-details with the wedding (never fun for me). You guys are awesome, I love talking to you... Have a great Tuesday, will be keeping you posted.

image: Doucette Duval's Spring 2010 collection via HERE