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Well, the week is moving right along and today's weather is much better than yesterday's.  This is impromptu but I wanted to say a big thank you to those who leave such kind and encouraging comments on this blog.  Before, when I was just a peruser of blogs and not a curator myself, I never thought to leave comments - just figured I had nothing to contribute or that comments were inconsequential to the blog author.  Now I realize how very significant comments and the people who leave them are.  I read each of mine and it's very good for my emotional health and well-being;)  It's not just the validation, which indeed is a huge aspect, but it also reminds me that I am talking to real people with their own lives, own plans, own problems and own journeys.  I keep you in mind when I write and I appreciate the conversation element you add to this blog. Thank you:)

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While we are on the subject of thank you’s... I want to thank Honest Tea for both their honesty with regard to their products and the Honest Tea products themselves that Natasha kindly gave to me last week!  I really appreciate that Honest Tea holds sustainability as an utmost value and produces fair-trade, organic teas with water that is purified through reverse osmosis - no fluoride in their drinks!  That makes me happy:)   Thank you Natasha for the yummy basket of teas, I've been enjoying all the new HT flavors, especially the CocoaNova!

image via Kiss the Groom

And also,  I wanted to share something with you about a girlfriend of mine, Rinad, who has been battling cancer for almost a decade.  Rinad has such a sweet spirit and a sensitive heart and despite all of her physical, mental and emotional trials, she has a strong desire to serve others.  She is going to Greece to help victims of human trafficking this March, working with a powerful international organization called The A21 Campaign.  Greece is known as the center of trafficking in Europe, and is the primary gateway for trafficked victims to enter the European Union.  The A21 Campaign is having a fundraiser to raise money and awareness on Friday, February 3 from 6-9pm at Cities.  There is a $10.00 suggested donation and extended happy hour specials.  If you are interested in finding out more information or donating to Rinad's trip, please visit Rinad's page.  I hope to see you next Thursday!

Have a great Tuesday night you guys, xoxo