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*Blogger Confessions...

apollina baker

*Because many bloggers' freedom of expression feels hampered by the theme on which their blog is based, and because the person behind the blog is much more dimensional than is often revealed on his or her blog, a few DC bloggers decided to create a new series, Blogger Confessions.  It is a place where bloggers can reveal sides of themselves that they want to share but don't want to start a whole other blog in order to do it.

Professional life...

I suppose my first confession should start by saying that I am a bit more 'share-happy' on my blog than other better-themed, better-streamlined blogs.  I have shared my political worldview, my passion for our Constitutional Rights and my desire to see all people freely enjoy their Human Rights and that violations of those Rights, especially in the form of human trafficking/child sex trafficking, are ended.  This initial blogger-confessional is limited in scope to professional life... So, I don't have a ton of new news; you know my job:  attorney.  So, what am I going to confess to you that you don’t already know?  Well basically, I work somewhere that has nothing to do with what I want to do professionally.  I don't currently work in my dream job because my dream job doesn't pay much/any money and I'm not yet in a position to make that move.  What I want to do is work to protect our rights & liberties - which do not come from the government but are universal, God-given and inalienable - and to work to uphold the Constitutional fact that the national government only has certain, enumerated, and limited powers, with no general police power (a general law-making power to pass laws for the health, safety, and welfare of the people).  Thankfully, there are many organizations working for these very aims and hopefully, I will work with one of them soon.

And I'm writing a book.  Two books actually.  The subject(s) of which have nothing to do with the aforementioned topics and which I will relay to you in Blogger Confessions to come... 

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p.s. I also confess to being a frequent run-on sentence over-user and violator of proper comma, semi-colon, slash, dash and parentheses usage.  But you already knew that too.

images:  Harper's Bazaar UK, 2009 via here