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My Wedding Palette

apollina baker

I'm hot and heavy into wedding planning right now and the wheels have been set in motion.  The venue is secured, the date has been set, the dress is being made and the invitations have been sent.  These pictures are the basic palette for the wedding.  We are going to have the most amazing photographers, I am just thrilled about them!  David Burton's Italian wedding editorial has been inspirational in terms of the feeling we want our event to evoke, glamorous & romantic yet easy-feeling and a ton of fun! 

Although planning a wedding has never been something I looked forward to doing, wearing my wedding dress and marrying my true love has been.  In the midst of the stressful budgeting, (dis)agreeing upon dates and locations and divvying up bride/groom job assignments, it is far too easy to lose focus of the reason for this whole event.

Now that the dust has fallen (not quite settled, but at least not up in the air), I am starting to get really excited again and I'm realizing how amazing my wedding, and my husband, is going to be.  Wedding planning is hard on couples.  You learn so much about how the other deals with stress and how he/she deals with you in the midst of it.  Knowing that my fiancé is keyed in on the health of our relationship first and foremost is completely comforting.  His gung-hoeness (best term to describe him sometimes) & initiative in undergoing premarital counseling reminds me that I did a fantastic job choosing a husband.

top right image via Chrisman Studios

We decided on a Mexico wedding at a fantastical hacienda at dusk, in a courtyard lit only by candles.   We also decided to be more vigilant in showing our concern and support for one another in times of pressure and increased stress.  It's said so often but heard so infrequently, patience and communication are at the heart of a happy and secure relationship.

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