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Happy New Year!

apollina baker

new year.jpg

This last day of 2011, let's reflect on the last 12 months of our lives, all the blessings, disappointments, lessons, regrets and successes.  Let's also look hopefully towards the next 12 months with confidence and predetermination.  Instead of making resolutions, lets live our lives with resolution.  As an act of volition, with perseverance, boldness, unconquerable will, backbone, self possession, tenacity, zeal and moral courage.

I'm full of love today.  Love for my family, friends, for you all and for human kind generally.  We are a wonderful creation, capable of more than our imaginations can conceive, limited only by our own actions.

Happy New Year everyone, congratulations on another year lived and a new year full of opportunities and open doors.

images via zoeclaudia