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My Sister's Baby Shower

apollina baker

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was my sister's baby shower.  Ahdazsa is my baby sister, she and her husband Josh (last name Dye) have been married over 2 years and are now expecting their first baby, a boy.  My older sister Aisha and I are thrilled to become aunts! 

Aisha lives out in California and she couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving or Das's shower but she basically made the whole thing happen with her awesome decorations!  Aisha custom makes all kinds of amazing hand-made paper-crafted frames, invitations, banners, boxes, etc.  She is constantly receiving requests to make products for her friends' events so she recently started an Etsy shop, Moment2Memory, to make taking orders easier. 

She made the banner, the cake bunt, the favor boxes that I filled with chocolate cake  balls, the cupcake wrappers and the cupcake toppers.  She is so talented! I honestly do not know how she gets the patience to make all these by hand.  She is a behavioral therapist who specializes in working with autistic children.  Patience is an essential characteristic in that field as well.  She makes these paper items for fun, part of her much needed quiet time... She's pretty amazing and her products are really fabulous.

She and our good friend Shay (of Biggest Loser fame) made this diaper trike, isn't it awesome?  A diaper cake is so overdone;)  This was a huge crowd pleaser! 

I made lemon cupcakes and a vanilla cake with marshmallow frosting, the layers were varied hues of orange and yellow.  Since it was a co-ed shower, we really wanted to avoid the cutesy shower colors, treats and games... 

I loved the idea of having all the guests write funny messages on a bunch of diapers that Das and Josh will use later; something to bring humor to the "ick" job of diaper-changing.  We also had the opportunity to blindfold some people (my Grandmother, a.k.a. Mom-Mom, was first in line) and watch them clumsily transfer cotton balls from one glass bowl to another. Other games were nursery rhyme pictionary and cross-question-silly answer (as Mom-Mom calls it), where you write a "new-parent" question on a card, pass it to the next person and write the answer to the question you asked on the card with someone else's question on it.  It was really fun to read these question/answers between opening gifts, sometimes that can be a boring process - especially for guys.


We had a fantastic time, thank you to all the friends and family who made the shower so much fun!  My sisters are so wonderful, so talented, so beautiful... and I am so lucky.  Congrats again Das and Josh!  Can't wait to be your baby's favorite aunt - just kidding Aieesh!