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Weekend Trip: phone pics

apollina baker

Happy Tuesday!  How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely and I hope your week is starting off wonderfully too.  I had a great weekend in Breckenridge; it was -9 degrees the day we left and I was happy to come home to the warm DC weather.  Brad took me skiing and I crashed only once:)  He's such a patient teacher and so gracious about my "no need for speed" when all he wants to do is live out his "harder better faster stronger" credo.  Here are some phone pics from the weekend... I was inspired to do a glittery, scotch tape-utilizing mani right before we left (everyone's doing it) - oh, and that is my engagement ring;)  Brad proposed to me right before my birthday in August and I still can hardly believe it:)  I had to wait a little bit to process and digest the whole thing before I started sharing... but I'm now ready to jump into the excitement of it all!  I am unbelievably blessed and so looking forward to sharing all the anticipated adventures as well as all the unknowns with my best friend and my favorite person in the world. happy...




 p.s. One of those photos is not a phone pic (can you tell which one?).  Brad's sister Michelle is a very talented photographer and she snapped some pics of us having fun/being freezing in the snow.  I'll put some more up soon!