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Monday Treat: A guest post by DC "You Finder", Katalina

apollina baker

I've had the pleasure of meeting, friending and collaborating with the wonderful and spirited Katalina from The You Finder and I invited her here today to grace this blog with her positive presence!  Without further ado... ***********************

Hi Everyone! My name is Katalina from TheYouFinder and I am honored that Apollina has asked me to share with her readers what is inspiring me this fall. As Apollina often says herself, we are mixed content individuals with mixed content tastes. My mood board is just that-- diverse tidbits of inspiration that have no real rhyme or reason.

Factory wool elements coatitemvintage 1970's skirt CHIFFON GOLD sheer pleated midi
DAY Birger et Mikkelsen       

Row One: Hooded Camel Jacket/Color Theory Necklace/Vintage Off-White Chiffon Midi/Sheryl Sandberg

Row Two: Tata Harper Floral Essence Spray/The Emerald Coast of Florida/Oxford Booties/A Classic Moss Timex Watch

Row Three: Lana Del Rey/Bracelets/Marl Ponte Blazer/Warby Parker

Hooded Camel Jacket: In Washington DC, we have to deal with some pretty harsh winters. I am originally from Washington State, and didn’t really understand what winter was until I moved out here. My default jacket for my first two years was the dependable puffer jacket that you often see littering the city streets from November to March. These past two years I have been searching for something different that is much more stylish, but still provides extreme warmth for those below 32 degree days. Last year I took one step closer to this goal by buying a puffer that had a dramatic collar, but this year I am trying to steer completely away from the puffy madness. This J.Crew Hooded Camel Jacket, is the perfect mix of utility and style.

Color Theory Necklace: The reason behind the love for this is pretty simple: I am openly able to wear the color palette that is inspiring me this fall directly in an accessory form.

Vintage Chiffon Skirt: I am a huge fan of vintage and get a thrill out of knowing that I may be the only one that was able to salvage such a unique piece. This skirt from Clever Nettle on Etsy was bought immediately when I saw it. It reminded me of a Billy Reid skirt that I had been dying to purchase, but did not have the guts to fork over the big $$. Now I have my own piece of fashion history in my wardrobe that I will probably be sporting on a weekly basis.

Sheryl Sandberg: While I am pretty much obsessed with the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, for various reasons, I am particularly obsessed with her drive to have more woman leaders in the world. I linked to a video of a commencement speech she gave at Barnard University (an all women’s college) where she eloquently challenges the graduating class to ask themselves, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Her words of wisdom continue to inspire me to ask myself that question and not be so afraid in going for what I really want.

Tata Harper Floral Essence Spray: While I am a little bias in my affinity for Tata Harper (she is Colombian just like me), I do feel like the greatness of her all natural facial products trump my biasness in any shape or form. I am not the only one who thinks so. All her ingredients are natural and grown right on her farm in Vermont. She has spent years mixing ingredients such as lavender, orange blossom, and witch hazel to achieve perfection. One product that I particularly want to highlight is her Flora Essence Spray. The smell and refreshing spritz of hydration it provides me in the morning may be better than my first cup of coffee.

The Emerald Coast of Florida: I fully admit that I am a hypocrite of all forms when it comes to seasons and weather. As soon as the first day of humidity hits, I am longing for the cool brisk fall days and as soon as the first awful day of winter hits I am begging for the warmness of summer days. This picture has really captured my attention to the part of the country I never knew existed- the Emerald Coast of Florida. I am pretty sure as soon as that first winter day wreaks havoc, this will be the travel destination I will be longing to visit.

Oxford Booties: I know that oxford wedges are all the rage right now, but some how these little beauties are really capturing my attention. The dark brown leather seems versatile enough to be mixed and matched with several items in my closet and the heel will add a little stature to my 5’4 self.

Moss Timex Watch: I want a classic watch that has some color. This one fits the bill perfectly. Simple as that!

Lana Del Rey: I stumbled upon her on one of my favorite music websites We Are Hunted. Her voice, words, and ethereal videos made me hit play over and over again. I am very excited for her full album to come out soon! I suggest listening to Video Games for your first dose of Lana.

 Bangles: I know we have the old wives tale that white never can be worn after Labor Day. While I do not agree with that rule and feel like white can be worn in many appropriate ways after that first weekend of September, this is a way to be a rebel with some caution. These white bracelets cannot only be worn in fall, but spring, winter, and summer as well. I am obsessed with items that can be worn at anytime of the year.

Marl Ponte Blazer: I just love the 3-quarter length sleeves of this blazer, the cut, the material, and the color.

Warby Parker: And finally a company I really respect and think is absolutely amazing- Warby Parker. Not only have they made stylish glasses affordable for the general public ($95 for both the frame and lens), each purchase guarantees that one pair of glasses will go to someone in need, and who may not be fortunate enough to be able to purchase a pair of eye glasses themselves. I love love love love companies who are thinking more than just about the bottom line and profits, but who bring a sense of ethics to their company mission.

So lovelies tell me…what is inspiring you this fall?



p.s. Thanks again Apollina for having me! :)