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Working Out

apollina baker

My Mom recently turned me on to this girl who does 10-20 minute butt-kicking workouts that will get you seriously ripped. I have watched a couple of the videos (kind of in awe of this girl's strength/determination/energy) but have yet to try and perform one. I think I'm going start them though... I'd really like to do a marathon or triathlon or some type of physical capability/endurance test and these workouts will surely prep me for that. You can watch the Body Rock workouts online and do them right along with her (pausing throughout to catch your breath).

I like doing short exercises that pack a punch and I'm not a huge fan of cardio (so a triathlon should be fun). I want my life/body after 30 to be the healthiest it's ever been so that everything functions optimally and efficiently. There is one thing I really suggest to help get nutrients and increase energy: Greens First (or a similarly situated product). It has really helped stabilize my blood sugar and sustain me throughout workouts. You can put it in smoothies or just mix it in water like I do. I even add extra spirulina to it (green algae that aids digestion, stimulates the immune system, stabilizes blood sugar, etc.) even though there is already some in Greens First. I used to have a hard time getting through intense exercises before I started drinking this stuff. I would get dizzy and sick regardless of what I would eat beforehand (or I would get intolerable cramps that made me quit exercising). I'll let you know how the green stuff stands up to these Body Rock workouts and whether or not I can hack it! ;)

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