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My Go To Full Makeup Look: Penelope Cruz

apollina baker

I have almond eyes which, I can say (and like to say), is a similarity I have with Penelope Cruz (although mine aren't nearly as large and wide-set).  Whenever I go on a fancy date or to an event and am not feeling particularly experimental, I do my makeup à la Penelope Cruz, as she has perfected and epitomized gorgeous almond eyes.  Here are some of my favorite Penelope Cruz looks (all from her MANGO ads) that inspire me to throw on a lot of black eyeliner:

I have to make some adjustments when I do my own makeup, for example, I don't line all the way to the inside corners of my eyes because they are closer set and lining the whole rim will only accentuate that.  For the most part though, I follow the tutorials to a T.  The main tutorial I use is from Marlena, the beautiful lady behind Makeup Geek.  She does amazing step-by-step tutorials; you can find the Penelope Cruz tutorial here.  The other one I like is from Pixiwoo (I love these girls), you can find their video here.  These videos really help almond eyed girls take take their baby blues, browns or greens to new heights!  I like to do the look with brown eyeliner too, it's a bit less drama but still gives you the shaping effect.