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My Miu Miu Inspired Glitter Birthday Cake

apollina baker

Pink Champagne Cake layered with Peach Preserves and Vanilla Buttercream

miu miu shoes cake.jpg

Today is my birthday!  I am finally 30 although, I've been talking about it so much I feel like my birthday was weeks ago:)  Because I adore Miu Miu's glitter booties and because I probably will never own a pair, I thought that at least I could have a birthday cake that resembles the beautiful little sparkly shoes.  The flavor I decided on for my Miu Miu Inspired Glitter Cake was Pink Champagne Cake layered with Peach Preserves and Vanilla Buttercream.  Since I love Bellinis, I thought this flavor combo was appropriate and also in keeping with the pink sparkly theme.

The photos don't do justice to the gold glitter effect; I need to work on my photography!  I ordered this gorgeous glitter from a shop in the UK and painted it over top of a mix of Demerara sugar and gold sanding sugar.  It really sparkled!

I basically used this recipe for the pink champagne cake with a few alterations.  I used pink champagne (with peach and floral notes) and no food coloring.  I also upped the dose of champagne using a whole cup instead of 3/4 cup.  I balanced it by using a little less milk.  I actually used the same icing recipe that I used for my Mom's rose cake from I am Baker.  I toyed with the idea of using almond extract instead of vanilla because I love almond champagne, but I stuck with vanilla to keep the Bellini flavors.  I colored the icing a golden yellow to blend more with the sugar and glitter.  I also colored a portion of the icing that pinky color to ice the bottom portion of the cake.  Underneath each layer of icing, I spread some Favorit Peach-Mango Swiss Preserveswhich I bought at Harris Teeter.  The results were delicious!  I tasted a lot of the champagne and the peaches complimented it very well.  I think it would have been good with almond buttercream too, I will probably try that next time I use champagne in my cake.

All in all, it came out just how I wanted, a perfectly sparkly 30th birthday cake:)