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Pre-Birthday Celebration

apollina baker

I'm sorry my posts were so sparse last week!  I had a little pre-birthday celebration in San Diego with my sister, cousins and friends.  My cousin Jordan is turning 30 about a week after I do so we thought it would be fun to all get together and hang out for a few days in Cali.  Here are some pics!  

Above is me with my girlfriend Amanda (on my right, your left) who lives out there in SD. It was so great to see her! And that's my sister Aisha on my left (your right), she lives out in Costa Mesa, CA.  The pic on the right is me with Brad (a.k.a wonderful understanding man).


Above is me with my friend/sister Shay!  I am SO happy she came down, she lives a couple miles from Aisha in Cali.  If she looks familiar, you might have seen her from a little show called The Biggest Loser.  She is commonly referred to as the best contestant/most favored player/awesomest girl in the world. I heart you Shay.  Oh, and those are the cupcakes she brought me!  I am not including the cupcake-smeared-face pics that document what transpired shortly after the above pics were taken.  It's just what happens when we all get together and frosted baked goods are close-by.  The tradition lives on!


And she made me this awesome card!  See, my sister and Shay are both avid scrapbookers.  They are super into it.  It's pretty cool because we always get handmade cards, shadowboxes, ornaments and banners that say "Happy 30th Birthday Apollina", all done with love and care.  Oh, and then we did each other's makeup - another thing that happens when we all get together.  Here is the result:

I did Shay's makeup and Shay did mine and Aisha's.  (Shay wiped off the bright pink MAC Impassioned lipstick I put on her. Why are you afraid of color Shay?!)


Above is me, Aisha and Jessica (my cousin Jordan's lovely girlfriend).  And the pic on the right is my cousin Max and me (Taco Tuesday in Old Town, SD).


That's my cousin Jordan and me (don't we look mature for our age?).  Here is a close up of the cake:

It was delicious!  Aisha got if from Extraordinary Desserts, it was called La Bete Noire: Creamy semi-sweet chocolate mousse, vanilla crème brûlée, chocolate ganache, all layered in between dark chocolate cakes and moistened with Madagascar vanilla bean syrup.  How does that sound???  So. Good.  She also bought a strawberry shortcake and a whole baked apple dessert just for an afternoon snack:


One night, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Asti.  It was pretty cool:)


We had an absolute blast, thank you to everyone who came!  I really wish my other sister, Ahdazsa, could have made it.  Her husband is a college football coach and this is a pretty busy time for them, and she's also preggers.  Just wanted to give a shout out:  We missed you Josh and Das! (how cute are they in their day-after photos?! I can't believe they've already been married two years!)

Their photos were done by Cedarway Photography

For others of you who couldn't make it to Cali, don't worry, my birthday is still 10 days away and there will be more celebrations;)