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Confetti Cake Donuts

apollina baker

Why is it that regardless of what age we are, a donut, an ice cream cone or a cupcake adorned with sprinkles is irresistible?  I thought that since I love sprinkled donuts so much, I might as well take the fun even further by throwing sprinkles into the batter as well, and so, Confetti Cake Donuts were born.  I just made regular vanilla donut batter, tossed a handful of sprinkles in and quickly and lightly mixed them before putting the batter into a piping bag.  I baked them in my donut pans (both mini and major), covered them in fun colored white chocolate bark and doused them in all the different sprinkles I had on hand.  Then, after letting them set in the fridge, I threw them into my jewelry – just for kicks..


They were fun to look at and really fun to eat with a glass of milk.  A pretty little treat to pile into glass bowls and munch on at any occasion where confetti is an appropriate accompaniment:)