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MANGO & some men

apollina baker

I think I may do some shopping at MANGO this Fall...

I didn't know this but MANGO has a pretty nice looking men's line!

To be honest, I prefer a man who doesn't care too much about fashion.  The most important thing is that he smells good and is well groomed and that he smells good (not a typo).  But while we are on the subject of men's fashion, these are my preferences for how a man should dress:


Wormland SP 2011 (and all of the looks on that site. Oh. My. Goodness.)

I'm not sure if this is an ad or a street style shot.  It's pretty ridiculous.

And I know we all love Olivia's style but we gotta give her beau credit, he always looks sharp.

I really dig on the cuffed pant, sockless look.  It must be my Italian side.

And I don't know why but I love skinny knit ties!

Though, the jury's still out on blue tasseled shoes.