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Get creative, it's more fun! (and less money)

apollina baker

I know the initial reaction to seeing an outfit or an article of clothing you like is, "where did she get that? I want it!".  However, it's so much more enjoyable (and usually much less expensive) to find what you love about something you see and make it into your own look, your own style.  No one wants to be an exact replica of someone else (hopefully) but it is a wonderful thing to be inspired by what you see and create a look that gives a similar visual effect.  Plus, I know for me, it is much more satisfying to receive a compliment when I know it belongs to me and me alone:)  And besides, we women with limited expendable income must be creative! Some examples...


Gabriella Rocha Neve, $69 

Top Shop blouse, $48 and pants, $90

Giuseppe Zanotti E10180

Top Shop dress, $100 and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, $275 (splurge but I just love them:)

Top Shop Dress, $100; Coach python shoes ($119)

I would probably add a blazer of some sort to the above outfit... something like:

Image 1 of ASOS Sleeveless BlazerKimchi Blue Cutaway Cardigan Jacket

ASOS sleeveless blazer, $43.10 or Urban Outfitters blazer, $58  (I own the second blazer, love it)



St. John pants, $125; Urban Outfitters top , $59  (Kind of an expensive outfit but it will make a definite impact! Also, these are classified as 'classic' and 'staple' pieces so you won't feel too bad about buying them)
I would either wear this un-tucked with my long multi-strand pearl necklace or tucked with a thin metal gold belt (something like my Mom used to wear).
images via Dustjacket Attic