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Vivienne Tam eBay finds

apollina baker

This is what I am wearing today:

Last month while doing random browsing on eBay, I stumbled upon this crazy awesome tiger top by Vivienne Tam.  I bid instantly!  I won it, along with this Vivienne Tam (VT) black lace ruched skirt.  The top is subtly sheer in the back, I left it untucked and it looks great with the skirt.   It was only $10 and the skirt was $29!  The Coach shoes I got from Nordstrom Rack for $99 (they are super comfy).

I promptly did some VT searches on eBay and found other great tops:


 And these crazy tiger skirts, tail and all!



And there are dragon ones too

As I was writing this I figured there must be VT tiger dresses out there too... So, I did a Google search and sure enough:

Belle de Couture found this in a thrift shop for $5!  Oh man, we gotta keep our eyes peeled for these babies!