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Clichés to live by

apollina baker

We've all heard these sayings... The more we hear them the less impact they have.  But I think what makes a cliché become a cliché is the fact that the message is true.  I believe these clichés are worth giving weight to: Eat to live instead of living to eat

 via Vogue

This is a great mantra to help keep food, and our relationship with it, in perspective.  The purpose of food is sustenance, energy, health and also pleasure and enjoyment.  It is something to be appreciated and delight in.  Often food dominates our thoughts and compels our behavior so that all or most of our decisions are based on either consuming or avoiding food.  I myself, each of my sisters and each of my girlfriends have struggled at one point or another with finding balance and stability in our relationship with food.  For some women and girls, it is a daily battle.  My sister Asti had a particularly hard time with this in her teenage years.  She would starve herself and exercise constantly, she would tape pictures of herself with her face scratched out and the word FAT written across them to her bedroom wall.  When my mother would make her sit at the dinner table and put a plate of food in front of her, she would burst into tears.  She eventually was able to find peace with food and realized that her identity wasn't tied to consuming it or resisting it.  She stopped making food her focus and thoughts of it no longer dominated her life.  I am so grateful she started focusing on her life and living it to its fullest because she only lived a few years after she ended her battle with food.  Be motivated by life, there is so much of it to enjoy !  Food is there for us to live life longer and better, when it isn't doing that, we need to reevaluate and bring ourselves into balance.

This brings us to the next cliché to live by:

Life is short

via hey crazy

We all know this.  But really, at the end of the day, when you're lying in bed and it's dark all around you, those things that seem so clear and so real and compel you to think, "I am going to start doing this tomorrow" are brought on by the awareness of our short time here on earth and urgency of action.  But then, when the morning comes, those thoughts seem silly and existential and our minds are again filled with the details of the day before us and the tasks that take precedence over what we want our life to mean after we are gone.  Some of us know firsthand how short life is by having near death experiences or losing loved ones.  It is a truth that makes many things appear small and insignificant and other things seem meaningful and consequential.  It's kind of crazy what different decisions we make when we keep this truth in the forefront of our minds! 

Wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you

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I love this one!  I used to tell it to my girlfriend in college all the time.  I think a lot of women dress in order for others to see the things they are wearing and then the woman herself never really "shows up".  You aren't a hanger and you don't want to be seen as just the rack on which a desirable piece hangs.  It seems to me that we would be better served and better admired (if that is what we are going for) by capitalizing on our personal quality, demeanor and personality thereby transcending the garments themselves.  Afterall, clothes are just accessories to adorn the person who wears them.  Make what you wear look like a million bucks because it's on YOU instead of believing you are more valuable because of the worth of your clothing.

(I don’t know why I’m waxing philosophical today, please bear with me)

Hurt people hurt people

via the hidden people

This is another favorite of mine.  It is a helpful one to remember when people say and do awful things to others or to you.  Try not to receive insults and offenses as personal attacks or affronts to who you are.  Instead, realize that often people who betray or hurt you are themselves broken people who have a sort of emotional defeciency or character defect.  It is a credit to you and your mental and emotional health that you can separate the person and the action or hurtful behavior.  Compassion and understanding go a long way; people who hurt others have often themselves yet to be repaired from the hurt in their own lives.  

The grass is always greener

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Oh man.  Why do we tell ourselves this over and over yet fail to believe it unless we experience the other grass for ourselves?!  I’m a big believer that blessings cannot flow in our lives unless we are first grateful and appreciative for all the blessings we already have.  As long as we are looking over the fence to see the beautiful things and the wonderful life that someone else has, we will never obtain the happiness and contentment we each seek.  It is in the gratefulness where our fulfillment lies, not in the possessing itself. 

Whoa, that is a lot of talking I just did!  Okay, I could go on because there are so many of these things but I will spare you.  What overused phrases ring true for you?