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Back to the heat

apollina baker

Last week I was on vacation in the Pacific Northwest and it was lovely.  The cool, crisp weather (it only rained for the first 2 days) the mountains, the green, green landscape... Cut to my warm welcome back to DC:  103 degree heat and humidity that bathes the city in a haze of slow motion.  Is it so weird that I prefer the latter?  Everyone has varying degrees (no pun intended) of temperature comfort but my personal tolerance and preference for heat and humidity seems to be the minority.  When there is no humidity in the air my body involuntarily shivers to keep me active and warm.  I sometimes feel bad for not enjoying "perfect" 75 degree weather, wishing for thick heat and complaining that I need a sweater.  Maybe my body is just not as efficient at retaining and diffusing body heat, maybe that Florida weather that I was born into is just my most natural, comfortable temp or maybe I am just being difficult. 

There's something to be said for the wetness and stickiness and the exhaustion caused be walking 20 feet.  I don't know, it makes me feel healthy and more natural somehow.  It makes me feel raw and pretty too, free to wear minimal clothing and leave the house with a wet head.  On Sat night I was out on the waterfront and the other girls were feeling gross and wet and sweaty.  I was telling them how pretty they looked and to embrace the effect of the heat and moisture on their skin and hair.  Then I got dirty looks accentuated by drippy eyeliner.  I get it.  I'll be quiet now and just post some hot pics.

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