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Finally Friday

apollina baker

I'm so glad it is finally the weekend!  Although this was a short work week, it felt very long.  I'm looking forward to meeting my girlfriend after work for a Co-Cojito at Co Co Sala...

This is such a great drink!  A mojito made with Van Gogh Chocolate Infused Vodka, fresh mint & limes, dark chocolate flakes...  I love Fridays after work:)

Tomorrow I have my monthly lash appointment with Lauren, the best Nova Lash technician in all the world.  I love her, she gives me the lashes that God, in His infinite wisdom, did not.

Saturday evening is a friend's birthday and then Sunday I'm planning on attending Art Whino's Marcātus and possibly squeezing in a little necessary shopping.  Why is it that you always run out of stuff all at once?  I need new eyeliner, both brown and black,  lotion, hair stuff, and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting.  I also want to find something to replace their Dior Addict High Shine #530 that I have been scraping the bottom of.  I guess they did away with the sheer lipsticks but I really liked that one.  I'll find it somewhere online... 

The weather report is a sunny 90 degrees all weekend so I'm sure I'll fit in some time at the pool too:) I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!