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Try something new this weekend

apollina baker

TGIF!  It has been a long, somewhat rainy week and I'm looking forward to an 87 degree weather weekend.  I want to challenge you all to do something new over the next couple of days.  I know we all get into our routines and fall into patterns of behavior and activity, or inactivity as the case may be.  My Dad believes all our routines to be ruts and that we perpetually travel from one rut to another, living most of our lives without intention or deliberation.  I don't fully agree that we always operate in a state of ruttedness (lawyers often take liberties with the English language), but I do believe that if we don't pause to reflect on why we are doing certain things as a matter of course, we flip our lives into automatic position and cruise right on through.  We need to take inventory a bit more regularly and maybe do things a little differently, just because.  Start with little things to switch it up a bit...

Like wear a scarf.  I have always thought this was such a pretty look but never thought I could actually pull it off.  However, since I've been wearing my hair curly more often, I have been experimenting with how to wear my curls and my favorite right now is piling them up on top of my head and wrapping a scarf around my head like above.  I use my Mom's scarf that was part of her flight attendant uniform when she worked for Eastern Airlines.  I obtained it through adverse possession years ago when it fell into disuse;) 

Tying a scarf is actually much easier than I originally thought.  Follow this picture tutorial by the always awesome Man Repeller.  It doesn't  have to look perfect either, let random strands fall down- it's a messy, sexy feeling.  Besides, I think a woman looks prettier when she has a hair out of place and doesn't mind to fix it.

Wear a new lipstick color.  I have a dear friend who I absolutely adore.  She has a very well defined style - she uses phrases like, "That is not my color" and "It looks great on you but it's not for me".  She has done her makeup the same way since I have known her, so, for the past 10 years.  I always tell her it's more than just putting on red lipstick; it's about not feeling confined to the definition/box you've created for yourself.  I know she would look stunning with deep red or pink lips too.  I don't think I'll ever see her with them though.

Wear something seemingly inappropriate for the occasion.  I don't mean short booty shorts and platform heels.  I mean wear a skirt when everyone is in jeans or feminine shoes when everyone else is in flip flops.  I know we think that people will look at us weird but what they will actually be thinking is, "I wish I dressed up a bit more."  Elevate the environment wherever you go.

Make a new dish - something you've never made before, like a croque madame or baked alaska.  No occasion necessary.

Those are just some ideas to get out of the normal routine.  Sometimes, when you wake up, do your makeup a little different and wear a pretty thing in your closet - regardless of where you are going, if anywhere - the day will turn into something you didn't plan for.  Maybe wear that item still hanging in your closet with the tags attached because you bought it for a specific situation that hasn't come along yet.  Let's expect new and exciting things to happen and dress for them, even if the new thing is just the feeling that anything is possible today.

We all know that life is short.  It would do us well to have an out-of-the-rut experience, and if the opportunity doesn't present itself, we should create the opportunity ourselves.

Have a great weekend!

images via pinterest